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Collection: Visualizing sympathetic projections in the intact brown adipose tissue depot in the mouse

Study Purpose: Sympathetic innervation is critical for cold-induced changes in blood flow, oxidative capacity, and activity of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in rodents. In addition to regulating BAT function, cold is also reported to stimulate branching of sympathetic fibers within the BAT parenchyma. Due to the high degree of variability in the pattern of sympathetic innervation between animals and between different lobes of BAT within a single animal, it is critical to assess these endpoints in an intact depot (as opposed to "representative sections"). Data Collected: We used the iDISCO technique to stain and visualize peripheral axons (defined by Pgp9.5 and beta 3 tubulin-immunoreactivity) and sympathetic axons (defined by tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactivity). Data consist of 8 stacked images (ND2 or TIF format) of intact BAT depots from a Zeiss 710 microscope.
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